Covid-19 Virus Advisory

30 January 2020

Coronavirus — Pastoral Advisory

The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak that began in January 2020 continues to evolve. As part of our nation’s concerted response, we would like to advise all worshippers at Anglican Churches to take note of the following:

  • Regular Activities. All regular worship services and activities will continue as usual, with appropriate precautions as required.
  • Personal care. Be vigilant with personal hygiene practices. Stay home if you have recently returned from China or are on Leave of Absence. If you are unwell with coughing or sneezing, please seek medical attention and rest at home. Let your pastor know so that we can pray for you.
  • The Exchange of Peace expresses our desire to be at peace with Christ and with one another. Please do so with appropriate non-touch gestures.
  • Holy Communion. The cup will be administered by intinction (dipping the wafer into the wine) only. Please do not let the fingers touch the wine.
  • Stay informed and in touch. Do sign up for the Gov.sg WhatsApp channel for official updates from the authorities.’ Please update your contact information with the church office to help us keep you informed as the situation develops.
  • Be positive. Stay calm, cooperative and caring. Pray for the Lord’s protection and deliverance (Psalm 91), that our church and the nation will emerge from this episode stronger than ever.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you all,

The Rt Rev Rennis Ponniah

Bishop of Singapore,

Together with the Senior Clergy Team

1 https://go.gov.sg/whatsapp